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When asked by the journal Nature, “Is climate change going to be less extreme than you previously thought?”


James Lovelock, developer of the Gaia hypothesis responded, " we were all so taken in by the perfect correlation between temperature and CO2 in the ice-core analyses [from the ice-sheets of Greenland and Antarctica, studied since the 1980s]. You could draw a straight line relating temperature and CO2, and it was such a temptation for everyone to say, “Well, with CO2 rising we can say in such and such a year it will be this hot.” It was a mistake we all made.


We shouldn’t have forgotten that the system has a lot of inertia and we’re not going to shift it very quickly. The thing we’ve all forgotten is the heat storage of the ocean — it’s a thousand times greater than the atmosphere and the surface. You can’t change that very rapidly."


That oversight has left one of the greatest economic and socially responsible opportunities wide open and the global warming problem unresovled.


Climate mitigating energy production