The 150 generational global warming hiatus

The heat of global warming converted to useful work.

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The oceans are becoming increasingly thermally stratified which facilitates the conversion of a portion of the heat of warming to work in accordance with the laws of thermodynamics.

Ocean thermal energy conversion or (OTEC) is the process whereby this is accomplished and one of the few non-polluting renewable energy technologies capable of delivering base load power.

It is the one with the greatest potential and can double the output of fossil fuels, while eliminating the environmental cost of doing business associated with fossil fuels, which the International Monetary Fund estimated in 2017 at $5.2 trillion annually.

It is energy too cheap to meter because it can be produced for less than the environmental cost of burning fossil fuels.

The only way to safely remove heat from the ocean is to convert it to the work required to sustain 10 billion people who will live on the land by 2050.