Climate mitigating energy production

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The World Bank recently issued a paper Mobilizing the Billions and Trillions for Climate Finance, in which they state: “Over the next 15 years, the global economy will require an estimated $89 trillion in infrastructure investments across cities, energy, and land-use systems, and $4.1 trillion in incremental investment for the low-carbon transition to keep within the internationally agreed limit of a 2 degree Celsius temperature rise.”


Thomas Peterson, principal scientist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, points out, “There are factors other than CO2 governing surface temperature and therefore global warming”.


If policy makers continue to be totally fixated on CO2 then they are not likely to keep atmospheric increase to the limit they have agreed to.


Further it is likely trillions of dollar will be wasted in the name of that unfulfilled goal.


Nature has provided examples in the past decade of how to limit atmospheric warming and sea level rise. If we do not learn from those examples the future of our grandchildren is fraught.


Renewable energy is manufactured energy that allows us to harness the resources Nature provides at no cost.


The manufacturer of the infrastructure that can harness these resources are able to benefit from the revenue streams of both the energy and manufacturing sectors.




Atmospheric temperature flat line



Sea level decline of 5mm