Climate mitigating energy production


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Water Level Emergency Bouyancy Deployed Complete System Warm Water Collector Evaporator Core Warm Water Inlet Shield Anti Fouling Gas Inlet Anti Fouling Piping EvaporatorTrays Top Piping Array Tubing Closeup Top Piping First Evaporatorand Drains Top Evaporator Second Layer Evaporator Piping Top Fluid Section Evaporator Gas Level Power Vapour Piping Mirror Power Assist Evaporators Evaporator Enclosed Warm Water Flow Warm Water Flow Bottom Warm Water Impeller Side W Water Impeller Water Impeller No Casing Impeller and Rudder Top Impeller Hydraulics Ball Joint Cutaway Sectioned Ball Joint Ball Joint Flow Vapour Channel Vapour Channel Iso Vapour Channel Side View Channel Flange Column Supports Condenser Core Condenser Inner Condenser Top First Level CondenserTop Drains CondenserTop Second Layer Condenser Condenser With Impeller and Elctrolyzer Condenser Top With Piping Condenser Inlets Bottom Impeller Hydraulics Liquid Pump Assmebly Pump Screw Pump Motor With Hydraulic Assist Bottom Pumps Bottom Pump and Redundant Pumps Second Tier Pumps Pump Hydraulics Electrolyzer Gas Piping From Electrolyzer Desalinator Ballast Bottom Section Hydrogen Barge Along Side Hydrogen Train

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